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James Gallery - Hamilton Artist Inc
February 6th- March 31st 2018
Transition, Transform
Candice Davies, Lois Schklar, J. Eric Simpson

April 7 – May 12, 2018
Opening Reception: April 7 from 2:00-4:00 pm

Transition, Transform challenges concepts of value in late capitalist, Western culture. Artists Candice Davies, Lois Schklar and J. Eric Simpson emphasize items that are often considered ancillary in everyday life such as plastic bags, knickknacks and wall fixtures, acknowledging the historical privilege of artists and art institutions in assigning value on any object or material. Davies makes subtle interventions into the infrastructure of the gallery. She alters the space by replacing ordinary plastic fixtures with carved alabaster replicas that may easily go unnoticed in other contexts. Schklar presents a precise grid of tiny collected trinkets. While each item has a personal meaning for the artist, she subverts the notion of authorship by inviting viewers to contribute to and transform her collection. Simpson likens the allure of convenience-based consumer culture to the trade-off of pain for pleasure involved in sadomasochist practices. He questions the significance of the artist’s hand in creation by readily sharing a how-to video that details his production process for others to use. Works by Davies, Schklar and Simpson explore the ways cultural importance gets assigned to objects and ideas, highlighting how value is subjective and often context-dependent.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a critical essay by Emily Hamel.