Candice Davies

In my art practice I strive to create sculptures that engage the viewer to look at mundane objects and occurrences, concentrating on objects or materials that are often ignored, discarded and undervalued. In my work I replicate the non-traditional ‘art objects’ found in exhibition spaces using traditional fine-art materials and techniques. Elements of display, site, illusion, reality, function, material, time, and labour are essential in my practice. It is through the seemingly invisible shifts in material, from the original object to the emulated object that allows the viewer to begin to reconsider what, where and how the ‘art objects’ are presented in the gallery space. The gallery brings an array of expectations which affect our experiences and behaviours, all of which inform the art work that is presented within the gallery walls. My choice of replicated objects is in direct dialogue with the assigned value of objects contained within the context of the white walls of the gallery. In the blending of site and replicated objects I attempt to question what the art object should be and where it should be located. What normally acts as the background becomes the site of significance where only through the subtle shift in materiality the replicated objects are able to call into question their function, worth and politics inherent in the display of art.

In Progress, Marble, 2018 (Installation View: La Centrale Gallerie Powerhouse, Montreal)